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Naturism secrets

What is naturism? Does anyone know the exact answer to this question? I believe not. Only real naturists can say for sure what does that word mean. Let's try to find out the most undercover secret of true naturism. Some people believe that naturism is a desire to merge with nature, to merge completely, without any questions or concerns, to become an indissoluble part of nature. The others say that naturism and nudism is a simple desire to show your naked body to the whole world and it's nothing more then a simple part of exhibitionism. Anyway, the only thing they are both right is that naturism means nudity. There are different ways of naturism: solo naturism, group naturism, family naturism, etc... And the only thing they have in common is nudity, every minute and in every place. Just look at those naturist people, they are always naked and happy. They don't care if anyone is looking at them or not, they don't care if anything is taping them or taking some photos of them, they don't care about it at all. Someone may think that they just like being photographed or taped, and that is very close to the truth. Every naturist like to pose for the camera very much, especially when there are a lot of other naturists near them. So I can say for sure that naturism is something that combine a lot of things. From the one hand it's for sure a part of exhibitionism (show your naked body to everyone) but from the other it's the way to come closer the the nature (return to the place that we all come from). Of coarse every person is free to decide what naturism means exactly for him. And the only way to decide that is to try to be naked, to try to become a real naturist at least for one day or one hour. But please be careful, there is a possibility that you will like it and then the the only way for you will be the way of naturism.
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